They are the basis of our work and commitment to the future.


We are a results-focused company dedicated to the TOTAL SATISFACTION of all our clients and their workers.


We understand our responsibility to the societies and environments in which we work, and act accordingly.

PLANIFRIO INTERNACIONAL’s principal activity is the development, installation and maintenance of food production and refrigeration plants.  The stages can be summarized as follows:

  • Project feasibility study and analysis of financing options.
  • Expert engineering in accordance with project type.
  • Project Contracting.
  • Organization of project logistics and purchasing management. Equipment and goods Shipments to project site.
  • Assembly of Plant as “turnkey” system and procurement of necessary equipment certified by international standards bodies.
  • Maintenance and After-Sales Service in the country of Contract.
  • Technical Assistance, Equipment Maintenance and quick supply of spare parts.
  • Training of local people for the Operation and Maintenance of the plant.

We manage and create solutions and services for the perishable food logistics industry, food production infrastructures and its environment to contribute to local communities.

Through our projects we improve nutritional levels in societies and increase local industry to generate prosperity and help people and their communities grow.

This dedication is built on our integrity and our ability to be flexible and innovative.  These values form the foundations of our work and commitment to our clients’ ongoing success and loyalty.