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Excellence & Respect

Excellence in execution of each project, respect for the environment in all processes and the satisfaction of our clients are the pillars of our work and commitment to the future.
Our Values

PLANIFRIO INTERNACIONAL is a Spanish company specializing in the engineering, procurement and construction of “turnkey” projects in the food preservation, refrigeration chain logistics and perishable food processing industries. Our technical staff is composed mainly of engineers and technicians from prestigious and distinguished Spanish companies like RAMON VIZCAINO with a great deal of experience in the realization of highly technical refrigeration projects and agri-food processing plants both in Spain and outside Europe.

We also offer our clients project financing solutions required for such investment in economic and social development of primary sectors like agriculture, livestock farming and fisheries which provide the required food safety and nutritional contribution to a country’s population.

We have a highly skilled technical staff able to fulfill specific requirements and offer assistance with Cold Storage and Refrigeration Chain Logistics in any country and climate.  Our projects include Refrigerated Abattoirs, Traditional Fishing Plants and Aquaculture, Refrigerating Installations with Natural Refrigerants (Ammonia, Carbon Dioxide and Hydrocarbons) or HFC’s, Solar-powered Plants as well as Integrated Food Production Plants for processing any food or food product.

The basis of our work and commitment for the future are the excellence of our project development, our respect for the environment at all times and the full satisfaction of our clients.


It offers its customers the best financial solutions tailored to their needs and investment budgets.


It has specific human and technical team to provide full and effective response to any project.


Extensive experience in implementing refrigerators and agri-food projects in the international arena and high technological expertise.


Preserves food and nutrition security of the population of any country.


Customer satisfaction